Re: Public school high/low split

08/19/17 - posted by Warren

Grade splitting ended at Alamo School in 1969. I was in first grade at the time. Most of the kids who were in "Hi 1st" were put back a half year. Due to crowding in 1st grade with this change, 10 of us were accelerated into 2nd grade. I landed in a combined 2nd/3rd grade class, which was shock having to suddenly be around 3rd graders. Fortunately, two 3rd Graders (Douglas and Robert) took me under their wings like their little brother.

Too bad the busing issue ripped apart our schools and separated kids. Douglas and Robert were going to be bused to Anza School for Fourth Grade. As I also expected that I was going to be bused to Anza, we made a promise that we would see each other again in a year. That never happened. For fourth grade, I was assigned to a public school in Hunter's Point. My parents pulled me out of the public school system to attend a Catholic School. Because of busing, I never saw my two best friends ever again.

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