Riots between Lincoln & Lowell after football games in 1970s

12/06/16 - posted by Holt Macon

I spoke with someone today who attended Lincoln High School in the late 60s and early 70s and he said that after football games between Lincoln and Lowell there would often be riots and that there were never riots after football games with any of the other schools. I asked him why this was and he said it was because there was a deep-seated hatred for Lowell especially after Lowell would usually win the games.

Does anyone from Lowell or Lincoln at this time remember this and do you have any comments. It seems so strange that one school would hate another school so bad that they would want to have physical fights with them given the opportunity to do so after football games.

I don't recall any riots between Lowell and Lincoln or any of the other city schools in recent years. I guess the people of that period thought of themselves as HARD guys and wanted to prove their toughness or something. Lincoln could lose a football game but they were going to show who could beat the hell out of them when it came to fighting.

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