Re: Riots between Lincoln & Lowell after football games in 1970s

01/01/17 - posted by norm

it might be a bit ironic that the premier Y club (boys) at the Golden West YMCA in the middle/late 60s was the was made up of guys from both Lincoln and Lowell. Furthermore, it actually went through three academic generations (integrated as well) until the powers that be forced it to close down. Most of the gents were tied to the teams at both schools, but all had a love for drugs, sex, booze, and rock and roll (the order of presence changed from time to time). Few from the era will forget the Friday night Y dances hosted by the Beavers (and yes there were fights there but not Lincoln/Lowell oriented...until the dance permit was yanked for the Y). The best garage bands in the western area played there.

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