Re: Riots between Lincoln & Lowell after football games in 1970s

12/09/16 - posted by Tim Dineen

Lowell was our chief rival when I was there '68-'70.

While there were often a few fights after the games, there was a particularly bad one after a game at Lowell where hundreds of kids went on a rampage at Stonestown, breaking windows, stealing stuff... I was at the game but decided to go home rather than be a part of what was looking to be an ugly mob. Probably the only time in my high school career I did something smart.

After that, all Lincoln/Lowell games had to be held on neutral territory - usually Kezar.

Another time, a group of kids bombarded Lowell with Pumpkins on Halloween circa 1968 or 1969 also spray-painting some anti-Asian slurs on walls.

On a side note... anyone remember when some kids tried to burn down the Lowell bleachers?!?

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