Re: Riots between Lincoln & Lowell after football games in 1970s

12/10/16 - posted by ks

Knowing that many urban myths grow from embellishment of facts, while some truth certainly seems stranger than fiction…..In 1968 I remember seeing groups of teens running up Eucalyptus Drive (front of Lowell) after a Lincoln-Lowell football game. The teens were jumping on hoods and trunks of cars, and then an SFPD patrol car put a stop to it by driving quickly but with control, directly into the multiple groups of two to three teens, with the kids deftly dodging and running out of the way. That’s what I saw. Seems that it prevented more damage to cars, but who knows?.....maybe the teens then went on to Stonestown to continue their rampage. I thought then, and still think now that it was clever, effective, and fair Police Work. Most people know that it would never fly today.

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