Re: Riots between Lincoln & Lowell after football games in 1970s

12/13/16 - posted by Tim Dineen

There was definitely racial strife at Lincoln in the late '60s. The lunchtime fights were not uncommon, and there was definitely an edge in the school.

Part of it was the overcrowding - the school was packed to the gills with third, fourth, and fifth period lunches - districts had been redrawn... I think it was anyone on the north side of Kirkham went to Polly and south side went to Lincoln. Too many kids in too small of a space with too much political strife. War, Civil Rights, and Free Speech all played into it. Not to mention how white and conservative the Sunset was back then...

My locker was in the area known as "Little Fillmore" - first floor down by the art wing - and I had a gun pulled on me one afternoon going to my locker. I kept my books in my car after that - getting detention from Mr Delman when he caught me going to my car between classes. That was a no-no and explaining why I was doing it didn't help. (The cigarette I was smoking surely wasn't a factor in his not listening to me.)

Poly was falling apart at that point and busing had started. My dad was really anti-busing because my baby sister would have been bussed across town instead of walking to Ulloa. He ended up being one of the founding members of N.E.A.T. School that was created out of the Sunset Poultry building on 46th & Irving. It wasn't racial for them, but realistic. My mom didn't drive, and there was no way of getting to her if she was sick or if there was a problem.

I'm one of those folks who hated high school, couldn't wait to get out - and have never returned. No desire to go to a reunion.

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