Message Boards are back... for now

12/08/16 - posted by Woody LaBounty - woody<at>

Sorry the message boards were down a couple of days.

A redesigned WNP website is on the way and with it will likely be a new framework for these boards. It will be a good opportunity to modernize and hopefully improve the experience with registration and other tools, as well as formalize a code of conduct.

We don't want to have a heavy hand on overseeing the conversation here, but this space is for memories, queries, local history, and maybe the Hot House enchilada sauce recipe. Free form poetry, off-topic limericks, and the like may be fun, but they do derail the flow of conversation we would like to engender here. So stay on topic as much as possible.

More important, please be respectful to each other. We can't tolerate jibes, name-calling, and intolerance of differences (and different personalities) here. That's not what the City of San Francisco is about. We will remove posts, and in extreme cases ban users from the boards. If things get really bad, we will suspend the entire message board system until we can implement the new framework.

So please act like the good people you are? Thanks much,

Woody LaBounty
Western Neighborhoods Project

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