Re: A Kid in SF

12/11/16 - posted by Shirley Krohn

I read his article as well. I too was a kid growing up in SF...Sunset District. Born at UC Hospital, lived at that time at 3rd & Hugo. Moved to 44th & Lincoln Way in 1945. I attended both Francis Scott Key & Francis Scott Key Annex. Seems like most of the posts I have read are about the areas closer to Taraval & around 19th Ave. Do not see many posts about the areas closer to Lincoln Way, Great Highway, GG Park. Lots of memories about living in this area. Things that have been posted before. Getting away from the fog by going to Marin Town & Country club, Russian River...anywhere to get out of the grayness. I remember being bussed from FSK to Cabrillo and Aragonne schools in the richmond. Later went to Washington, but transferred to Poly in my Junior year. My three siblings were also born in the City as were my two children. Much more I could write...will wait!

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