Re: A Kid in SF

12/20/16 - posted by Cathy Barry

I do agree Patrick. Much as I still love the City, it is very disheartening to see how much my old neighborhood has changed. I lived off of Irving Street and used to love all the cute shops and the variety of things to see. Now it is all the same type markets and stores. It is so very different. Not to say the diversity is bad but you can have almost too much. I miss the bakeries, drug stores and small clothing shops that my Mom would take me too. Even my high school has totally changed. It is now part of USF (formerly Presentation) and the inside is totally different. It broke my heart to see it. I still though would never change a thing about growing up in SF. It is the most beautiful City and I still feel like it is my home even though I haven't lived there in close to 40 years.

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