Re: A Kid in SF

12/11/16 - posted by Tim Dineen

Great article. And it's true - there is a story around every corner.

My father, the fireman, meandered through the city, wherever we went. It was never a straight line from Point A to Point B. As a result, we actually learned the city and to this day, whenever I'm home, I meander, as well. I know those corners well - a few too well and we won't go into it, here...

As for more stories around corners - I always comment on hats or shirts folks wear that have San Francisco on them. You can tell the difference between a City shirt and a wharf tourist logo and often I run into folks FROM San Francisco. First question, of course, is "What school did you go to?" followed by "Did you know... " It's amazing that living 3000 miles away, how easy it is to connect to the small town that is San Francisco.

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