Re: It's coming on Christmas They're cutting down trees

12/24/16 - posted by Paul Judge

Tim, your encounter with Santa and how you remember it simply Rocks! W.M. and Charles, your memories cause other family recollections of mine to percolate which is exactly my hope for this thread.
W.M. recollections of your Mom’s annual ritual of sending masses of Christmas Cards brings to mind how our mom commandeered the dining room table to write scores of cards to people listed in a well used address book. Over the decades that book became worn and crossed out for new or changes of address, names of ‘family arrivals’, or the deceased. Each morning she’d have us tote cards to the mailbox on our walk to school at St. Thomas the Apostle. The flood of mail at Christmas time brought the thrice daily postal deliveries handled usually by college age kids hired for the occasion. It was thrilling to watch the envelopes slipping through the mail slot into the box on the side alley service doorway by the garage. My sisters or I would carry the mail up the alleyway staircase through the pantry to the kitchen table where we’d check the return address and take interest assessing the various designs of the stamps used by senders.

I am lame, lame, lame in contrast to earlier generations who maintained strong ties with friends and relations exchanging scores and scores of annual Christmas Cards. The only postal ritual from earlier times that I retain is sending picture postcards to my grand nieces and nephew when traveling as a way to excite their interest in travel and geography. It also reinforces their impression that I’m a goofy uncle.

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