Re: It's coming on Christmas They're cutting down trees

12/24/16 - posted by Tim Dineen

Christmas Cards.

We still send them - about 125-130 a year - and we get almost that many in return. It's a lot of fun and a fun tradition. Wew have them made - Victor takes a bunch of holiday-ish photos throughout the season and I get to chose the one I like best for the card. The 2017 card is going to be difficult - he has a lot of pictures I like!!

We also send out a Christmas Letter every year. It's a spin on the letters we would receive from people bragging about how their 4 year old was valedictorian of their pre-school class and the 12 year old who was working on a cure for cancer while turning down the full scholarship to Harvard.

You know them. The folks who only buy coffee beans from a woman named Osidra who hand-picks them on nights of a full moon while softly chanting to the Coffee Gods...

Here's our 2016 missive...

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