Re: It's coming on Christmas They're cutting down trees

12/24/16 - posted by W.M.

Back to the subject of Christmas cards, I thought to mention how we would display the ones we received as part of Mom's decorating theme.

We began by taping the first ones we received to the arched entranceway into the living room (near the front door). Once that became "full", we then did the same on the arched entrance between the living/dining room. Once there was no more room available for any more cards to be placed around the archways, we would tie a length of ribbon between the art deco lighting sconces on each of the walls in our living room and hang cards on the ribbon(s). Probably these methods allowed room to display about 150 of them, so the remainder of the "late-comers" would be placed on top the coffee table, tv set, draped over the curtain rods in the living and dining rooms, and anyplace else they would fit.

My point here is that back in those days, the Christmas cards we received were very much a part of Mom's holiday season decorating scheme as everything else was. Nothing was wasted and everything had a place. It was a great era to be a kid!

Merry Christmas!

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