Re: It's coming on Christmas They're cutting down trees

12/25/16 - posted by W.M.

An added memory is about our nativity scene(s).

The nativity scene which was placed under our tree was a folded cardboard base with slots and tabs to secure it. complete with the stable, star on top of that. On the base were additional slotted spaces set for the specific characters, the baby Jesus in a manger, Mary and Joseph, the Wise Men, shepards and animals, etc, all of which had tabs to fit into their individual slots.

There was also a minature ceramic nativity scene Mom set on the mantle above the fireplace. I think her reason for the cardboard one being placed under the tree was to keep her ceramic one from being broken or otherwise ruined.

Now it's time to start the prime rib roast. Again, Merry Christmas everyone.

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