Re: New Year's Eve early '60s

01/03/17 - posted by Mary-Ann

I must stray from an 'outsidelands' story - I can only say that what I did I must have learned from my own mother while growing up there.

Tim, you say your experience happened in 1963? Well, flash forward just about ten or twelve years when my own kids were in their teens and got it into their heads to tee-pee the tree in a friend's front yard. They were just about done when they were heard and spotted running away.

Next morning the doorbell rang and there were Chuck and his Dad. Busted! His Dad and I had the same idea after I heard what had happened. I looked them in the eyes and said, "Well, you know what you are going to do now, don't you?" And they groaned - but, they got as much t.p. out of the tree as they could without breaking a limb of their own. Now we can laugh and tell the story - actually, they ended up thinking it all was pretty funny.

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