Re: NEW STREETWISE--Parkmerced Update

01/10/17 - posted by Bruce Moore

Thanks for the update Frank. I attended a civil engineering meeting last year where the presentation was the new ParkMerced project. The design team seemed to have done a good job in planning and layout, but the elephant in the room was the great reduction in the number of parking spaces per unit when combining on and off street parking. Maybe something in the planning has changed, as you state that the parking spaces will be maintained at the same ratio that exists in the community today. At the meeting, the developer's representative said that the extension of the M street car line into ParkMerced will eliminate the need for all of those cars and parking spaces (nice to know). They also said that people will find work closer to where they live so that they don't need to commute (hmm!). Last week, I heard the idea they are now floating that Uber will be the major way that people will get about when this project is complete, so people won't need to own a car at all (#carfreeliving) It sure sounds to me that they will create a huge congestion that will have to be corrected as an afterthought, or just tolerated. We will just have to see how it all works out.

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