The Most Fun 11 year Old Kids Could Have

02/03/17 - posted by ks - kselchau<at>

I remember some of the most fun a bunch of 11 year old kids could have, just by riding our skateboards through the Zoo. Around about 1964 the Zoo did not have an admission fee, or locked gates. Visitors simply walked in, at almost any hour of the day or night. The exhibit and playground areas were all connected by very smooth asphalt paths that were ideal for skateboards. ALSO, at that time there were no rules against skateboarding, and no one seemed to object (if we were careful). If I remember correctly, clay wheels were becoming more available, and the result was an exceptional ride and some of the most fun I could imagine. Any other similar memories out there about the early days of skateboarding, or the best fun us kids could have without getting into too much trouble?

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