Re: Streetwise - A Corner of History

03/19/17 - posted by Myron Tessler

All males in Argonne grammar school, outwardly at least, dreaded the day and time for a one hour class of, wait for it, "folk dancing". I was no exception, outward at least, but I have a secret. I liked a girl, but I didn't know why, just that I liked her. It was during the "dreaded folk dancing" class that I got to hold her hand, at least fleetingly as long as the particular dance let me. I even got to rest my hand on her waist, at times, when the dance let me. I liked it a lot. I remember, on those "dreaded folk dancing" days to comb my hair with some goop that made it stiff,and wear shoes rather than Keds. Anyone else have the same, long hidden secret of liking, kind of, folk dancing?

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