Re: Streetwise - A Corner of History

02/05/17 - posted by Rex Bell

I started kindergarden in February 1961 with Jefferson as my district school. I remember the buses would line up in front on Irving Street to take us to the Francis Scott Key "annex" on 42nd Ave, where my class was. Rather than mix us with the kids who attended FSK as their district school, we Jefferson kids were placed in our own classroom. We stayed at FSK through the 1st grade, later moving to the main building a few blocks away. As I recall, it was almost 3 years after the fire until Jefferson was rebuilt and ready for occupancy. We returned in the 2nd grade, I think in 1963. My first teacher there was Miss Brennan. (There's a photo of our class on this site). I remember being impressed with the newness of the building, then the contrast of the auditorium, where we had assembles and the dreaded activity, "folk dancing".

After Jefferson, I went to Herbert Hoover in 1968, and yes, I remember we were required to take either band or orchestra. In 7th grade, we spent half the year in music and the other half in art. I either chose or was assigned (I don't remember which) to band. The teacher was Mr. Sevrey. I tried drums, but not having any musical inclination whatsoever, my mother convinced the school to allow me to take a full year of art.

Both Jefferson and Hoover were great schools. To this day I have remained friends with some of my classmates.

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