Wild Weather

03/14/17 - posted by Tim Dineen - tdineen<at>timandvictor.com

I'm two miles from Valley Forge, where it's sleeting and snowing right now. For us, the storm hasn't been quite as bad as predicted - so far - but we have another 12 hours of blizzard to go. Anything can happen - and usually does.

One of my nephews in The City was chiding me for being on the east coast as he was enjoying balmy weather. I reminded him that we have had months of non-winter while he has had rains of biblical proportions, evacuations, avalanches, road closures, and generally months of weather mayhem.

I think we have had the better end of the weather stick, this year.

No work for me, today... I'm going to sit back and watch the snow fall, read a book, watch a movie, cook a fun dinner...

Whatever I feel like doing.

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