Monsignor Harold E Collins: Singing Immaculate Mary

03/21/17 - posted by Joan Portman Sullivan - stjoanofarcpray4us<at>

HelloOoOoOoOooo !!!!

I have great Fondness for "The Finest. The Greatest. And, The Best" parish from which I grew: Saint Cecila's, San Francisco. Does anyone have the words of Right Reverend Monsignor Harold E. Collin's rendition of Immaculate Mary ? It's on his Jubilee mass booklet and probably his funeral bocklet too. If you could post it, it would be very helpful to the relentless search of my mind and fingertips. Monsignor Collins rendition I have found in any other place. It begins like this: "Immaculate Mary our hearts are on fire. That title's so Wonderous Fills all our desire. Ave Ave Ave Maria" .... . and that's all I remember.

With Immaculate Mary" being Fatima's song, I'd love to have it in honor of Our Lady's 100 year anniversary, May 13, 1917.

Thank you,

Joan Portman Sullivan

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