Re: Religion in our City

05/01/17 - posted by Judy Simmons

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints aka a Mormon. Growing up in SF in the 50s, we lived next door to a Kosher Jewish Family. The Grandmother was kosher and we we were always invited to their special days. I loved the food and the company and the reason they had the special meals. They would go to Synagogue on Saturday and we would go to Church on Sunday. Once a month, when my father would come home he and the other Father would go to a "kosher Jewish Deli." on Irving St. They would bring back Kaiser Rolls, lox, bagels, smoked salmon, liver pate and lots of other good foods and we would have a great lunch. To this day,60 yrs. later, when we have a Christmas buffet, we still have all he above foods.

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