Re: Lake Merced Memories?

05/26/17 - posted by ken l

In '40's/'50's there used to be a race track for gas-powered model cars on Harding Park Drive, across the street from the boathouse. The track was about 50 feet in diameter and the cars were tethered to a center post to keep them from flying off. Speeds probably approached 100MPH, and the noise was tremendous!

Also, there was a field for control-wired gas-powered model airplanes located in the vicinity of what is now Lakeshore Drive and Country Club Drive. It was a grass field nesteled in a grove of eucalptus trees. Also very noisy and may have been an irritant to the animals at the zoo.

While playing golf at Harding Park GC, the blasts from the shotgun range were directed straight at us and sounded very loud! I'll bet there are tons of lead at the bottom of the lake.

The April '57 5.6 earthquake caused the lake shore on the N/E corner of Skyline Blvd and Harding Blvd to slump away badly. Emergency repairs had to be made to the pedestrian and horse paths

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