Re: Lake Merced Memories?

06/02/17 - posted by Christine Miller

Hey Woody,

Happy to see that you are focusing on Lake Merced for the summer of 2017!
I was born in the Richmond District, but my family moved to Parkmerced in 1976. Then, a few years later, we moved to the other side of Lake Merced, and we have been here ever since. Windswept, foggy, and lots of birds. I think it is most beautiful at sunset.

However, it is not a great area from which to commute by public transportation. I dimly recall a bus called the 80 or 81(?) that had its endpoint across from the L Taraval until the early 80's. But, I have spent most of my lifetime riding the old 18 46th Ave line and the old 88 Bart Shuttle. Now, it is the 57 Parkmerced...but I often have to rely on Uber/Lyft to actually get to work.


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