Re: Jack O'Neil passes

06/04/17 - posted by Mary-Ann

Thanks for the post - this is a very nice article and tribute to Jack O'Meil, someone most of us have heard of who was such a part of our history.

He was so right about the healing powers of the ocean. My two favorite places to just sit on the sand and let the scene spiritually wash over you are a little beach near Fort Bragg where I could sit for literally hours watching the little harbor seals swim and play and occasionally pop up and check me out just as I was watching them. And the waves perpetually rolling in. The light changes, sometimes grey and cool, sometimes sparkling in the sun. And the quiet background music of the surf on a calm afternoon is all magic.

The other was a little sandy beach on northwestern Maui where we sat and watched the sunset one evening. We pretty much had the beach to ourselves - no seals this time, just those waves rolling in without fail and that soothing background surf music and the ocean reaching out to the horizon and beyond.

And our own Ocean Beach - rarely calm and soothing but always powerful and strong, but just as hypnotizing to experience when hunkered down in the wind or pacing the shore, fighting the wind. Great if you're mad at the world - you will end up laughing off whatever is bothering you.

It's the one thing I miss most living away from the coast - but I can close my eyes and almost be there.

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