Re: Another Real Estate First in SF

06/24/17 - posted by Holt Macon

There is a full size vacant lot on Twin Peaks that I would love to pick up if it wasn't so difficult. The owner would sell it for $50,000 since he can't get rid of it.
The problem is that there is no access to the lot. It's in back of the homes and hills of Twin Peaks.

I do think there are some laws that access has to be granted and there is something there like a small water throughway of some sort surrounded by a fence between two houses that they might be able to build something over it or they could possibly build around it from the reservoir side since there already is a trail there.

Of course, it would still cost lots of money to have the home built and cost money to get the legal throughway rights. So no one has ever wanted to buy that lot but seeing how much value such a lot could be worth, one could just try to get the legal through way and once that is accomplished you could sell the house for at least half-a million without ever having to build on it.

Yes, there is gold up at Twin Peaks if you can just figure out how to dig it out.

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