Re: Another Real Estate First in SF

07/03/17 - posted by Holt Macon

The owner of the lot is Joyce H. Inouye and the lot is 4096 square feet.
The address is 30 Aquavista Way and the Internet shows some kind of ridiculous shack there which is not correct because the Internet doesn't know any better. There is no shack there.

Previous people that I know of have tried to get an easement from the front which the neighbors bitterly protested but in hiking the area recently, I stumbled across the trail by the reservoir and the simple solution is that an access road can easily be built branching from the trail to the property. The adjacent property is owned by the city and by law they have to give an easement to get through to someone's personal property. It would take a tractor to clear out the thick brush but it is flat ground to the property and probably 100 yards away. It's not that bad building a road from that side. Even just a walking trail to the property would be something. If someone needs her phone number, I have it somewhere in my files.

If someone could get an easement through city hall, someone could make some fortune out of it.

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