Remembering Paul Rosenberg

06/18/17 - posted by John Freeman

Paul Rosenberg was one of the most generous people I've known. He had wide interests and loved to share the gems he had learned with those who were interested. I never saw Paul impose his passion on the uninterested, but if you sought solid information, and some of the back-story too, Paul told a compelling story. Paul was my go-to guy for San Francisco political history, and what a delightful digger he was. Pick any one of Paul's passions, like the history of Lowell High School, the Market Street Railway (or MUNI), or the politics of the Richmond District, and Paul could tell you as little or a lot about the topic - factual, honest history. Even his recounting the scandalous parts of history was not malicious, but often wryly funny.

One of Paul's outlets was here on the Western Neighborhood Project website. We are so fortunate to have his observations and historic documentation archived on this site.

Paul's passing is a great loss for so many in all the areas of his interest. We mourn for Sherrie and Coleman. But we all can rejoice that we knew Paul Rosenberg and were touched by his generous spirit of sharing his passionate life.

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