Re: Remembering Paul Rosenberg

06/20/17 - posted by jb

Dear Sherrie, Coleman, The Chow & Chatter Gang and all who mourn the loss of P-Rose, as he is affectionally known here in the hood.

Like you, I feel blessed to have known such an extraordinary gentleman, the likes of which are encountered rarely in a lifetime. I would often tease him by asking to be able to crawl around his mind for awhile, just to marvel and not touch. He'd laugh and say I'd be sadly disappointed. Not hardly,

Paul's mind was a magical land of kindness, wisdom, humor and velcro walls for all events in his beloved San Francisco and politics at large. He delighted in the esoteric and savored the dust of the past wherever it might settle. His gift for names was truly genius as was his recall for meals at many of The City's most famous and infamous eateries. I knew him mostly through our chats over many a lunch and he was always a special treat to engage. His bon-mots could make you choke on your sandwich, always served with the finest balance of sin and sensitivity. That was P-Rose...a fine and delicate balance.

If I am blessed to take St. Peter's Gate MUNI after the end of this line, (rather than that descending Subway which my manner might dictate) I hope there will be an empty seat next to Paul because I know he will have an infinity of things to share. And in his most generous spirit, he surely will.

RIP dear friend and

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