Re: Remembering stuff

06/27/17 - posted by Mary-Ann


My best years of growing up were in the Richmond District. But, when I married in 1956, we bought our first home at 2522 - 46th Ave. between Ulloa and Vicente. We paid $12,500 for it then = a jr. five. It needed some work. The choice of interior paint colors was absolutely horrible, but it was ours and it was home - and some paint helped a lot. My first baby was born in July. Our families would have been neighbors.

We had a German Shepherd dog that my husband walked after work every day - took him to the beach for a run through the sand and incoming waves.

We were only there just under five years before moving to Marin County. I got tired of putting boots on my kids to play in the yard, in the fog, in July! Yes, it got that wet!

I will say, the years there were happy ones.

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