The only coins ever made in the Sunset District

06/24/17 - posted by Holt Macon

Well, that is a slight exaggeration but in 1894 there were a variety of as many as 20 different kinds of commemorative coins made during the Mid-Winter Fair.

No one knows exactly how many of these coins were made but it was not a lot. It seems that some of them are extremely rare.
In looking up information about them, it says that some of them are rated as R5 and R6. R5 meaning that there are only about 60 to 120 coins known in existence and R6 meaning that there are only about 30 to 60 known to be in existence.
It is possible that so few of these exist because the majority of people who had them kept them in homes or banks in the downtown area which all went up in flames during the earthquake.
Some of these more rare type commemorative coins are probably worth in the thousands today, much more than true coins of that period, making them in value anyway a true coin.

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