Star Trek Comes to Lincoln High

07/03/17 - posted by Mary-Ann Orr

Among my brother's things I found an autographed program for what I found to be the very first Star Trek Convention held in Northern California...

The Star Trek Red Hour Festival was put on by a local fan group on Feb. 22, 1975. It was held at Lincoln High School at a time when you could rent a high school without having to worry about things like insurance. It was only one day and the estimated number of those attending was 2,000 - maybe more.

The guests of honor were James Doohan, George Takei, Walter Koenig and Arlene Martell (played Spock's bride T'Ping in one episode).

I wish he had told me about that - I would have been there!

Did any of you go to the Con or remember it?

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