'Show Downs' in SF Schools

07/12/17 - posted by Holt Macon

My old friend casually mentioned something the other day which astounded me. To him it meant nothing but I have read a fair amount of history and it kind of drew some comparisons.
He said that when he went to junior high and high school here in San Francisco in the local outside lands area, they often had something called "Show Downs".

This was according to him, when two people got in an argument and one person challenged another person to a fight at a certain time after school and it was made known publicly and spoken of all around school so that there ended up being a crowd waiting to watch the fight and that sometimes even women were involved in such encounters.
When I heard that, I was just astounded because I had been reading about dueling and this was the same type of pattern and behavior as the duel. Maybe I'm reading too much into it but that is what it seemed like.
Has anyone else ever heard of such a thing. Too bad we couldn't get a record of all the "Show Downs," in San Francisco school history.

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