Re: Building Height Limits in Sunset

07/17/17 - posted by Tim Dineen

Isn't the height limit in the Sunset already 40'?!? That's essentially a 4 story building. There's already a 4 story building on Taraval between 31st & 32nd - next to Rex Auto...

The ol' 'hood has changed a lot since the folks bought their home in 1958. It went from streets teeming with kids to streets teeming with cars. It was our version of suburbia - within the city limits.

Zillow lists our ancestral home at $1.4 million. Not too shabby for a place the folks bought for $16,250. Hell - I could put that on a credit card.

The stores and businesses have been replaced or shuttered, and a new breed of entrepreneur is moving in. It's changed. Not all of it for the good, but not all of it for the bad, either.

I had a blast growing up when and where I did. But that life doesn't exist, anymore. Anywhere.

Let them build. And in 50 years we can have folks writing here about what the Sunset was like when only half the buildings were 40 feet tall...

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