Ross Giudice Remembered

07/28/17 - posted by Mary-Ann Orr

There must be some of you out there who remember Ross Giudice of basketball fame. He played for Washington High School. joined the Navy in World War II, enrolled at USF after the war and played on their championship team.

Carl Nolte wrote a fine tribute to Ross Giudice in last Sunday's (July 23) Chronicle. Look it up if you have the time - it's worth reading.

I knew Ross then from his coming into Walt's Creamery many times during his USF years when I was working there. He was admired by many of the neighborhood fellas, especially after that 1949 NIT championship game, USF against Loyola of Chicago. Played at Madison Square Garden, we were listening to the game on the radio at Walt's. With seconds to play, Ross was at the foul line with USF behind by one point. The first shot went in, tying the game - we were pulling so hard for him to make that second shot - and swish! USF won. I think I almost cried.

After graduation Ross Giudice coached the freshman team at USF and was assistant varsity coach for a few years making a valuable contribution to those teams. Bill Russell was one of his first freshman stars!

I'm grateful to have known him long ago.

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