Re: 1967 and the Summer of Love

08/02/17 - posted by Paul Judge

Right there with you Kev B. Here's an oldie but a goodie thread of posts about Magnolia Thunderpussy from 11 years ago.
"Magnolia Thunderpussy",0#msgtitle

I'm also there with you Kev in the Park & Panhandle (and your cus literally more than once) for so many free concerts. Similar to Tim and Judy, I was aware and somewhat influenced by that which was going on, yet also not fully drawn to it either. I think more accurately that the influence of growing up in a cosmopolitan urban setting amidst such natural beautify set 'West of the West' and recipient of cultural influences of the Pacific Basin had a deeper, lasting influence on my upbringing and outlook. Hey buddy, letís make a date to see the California History Society SoL exhibit.

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