youth of inner sunset 60's 70's

08/03/17 - posted by shawn parker - ps1337<at>

as was reminiscing of the days of youth in the inner sunset a whole flood of memories arose as some may recall the bygone days as well

over at the st anne's playgy gate wide open for public play full crt basketball games chained nets playing strkeouts drawing the strike zone on wall lifting self up on the water faucet to retrieve foul ball into the garden outside the nun's living quarters quite a drop down to get the tennis ball also playing softball in the play area right across on funston and irving the Park and Shop market the large sign displayin the daily specials long lines of carts when one walks in a restaurant with bright orange seats old men sitting on the cushioins tellin me they have store detectives the long line to cash a check the automatic doors you can bring the cart all the way home a large truck later on scouring the area to retrieve the carts we would at times take off the solid rubber wheels to construct coasters and begin the decent up on the golden gate heights area no stop signs on the street corners

buying the Christopher milk on the corner of 10tha ave and irving ann's Piroski shpp cutting out the coupon for free admaission to the 49er game at kezar stadium the st anne schoolyard packed with cars the the crowds of fans walking up irving street can hear the roar of the crowd

going down to the progress newspaper headquarters on howward st to turn in my book received 50cents per collection as well as the pay for the Wednesday and Friday delivery ms Mckibben the hard driving cirualation manager driving the large truck had to use the stacks of papers to be delivered to every home between funston and Judah to 14 th and kirkamm

walking over to the 4 star theatre for double feature- in the use shopping center on geary blvd watching the world series game we got nate Thurmond's autograph as he was driving out of the lot in his jaguar xke

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