Re: youth of inner sunset 60's 70's

08/12/17 - posted by Paul Judge

You nail it Shawn. I certainly recall the pleasure of many hours of play and pastimes at neighborhood school playgrounds, though my turf was the Outer Richmond. There’s no sound like the joyous sound of a swish-shot slipping through the chain nets of those outdoor basketball hoops or the anticipation of a good game of ‘Strike Out’ as a chalk line of a strike zone was drawn on a school wall.

I still have a 12 inch wood ruler stenciled with Buy Christopher Milk “Builder of Champions” stamped on one side and on the flip side, Christopher Dairy Farms “San Francisco’s Own Dairy” listing their line of dairy products and juices.

And yes Pat, from deep in the recesses of the ‘fear place’ in my brainpan you resurrect the memory of “Hynies Up”. It was a boorish form of boys tomfoolery which I deftly made myself scarce to avoid. It was an act of humiliating punishment for loosing a wager of putting hands against a wall, butt out and waiting for a ball to be hurled at one’s backside Fortunately, I only saw it enacted a few times on others prompted it seemed by guys who tended to come from rough home situations towards others they felt they could momentarily ‘count coup’ upon.

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