Re: youth of inner sunset 60's 70's

08/17/17 - posted by Mary-Ann

I've written about The Loop in the past when Norma Hamilton was Director. (Cabrillo Playground, in the middle of the block between 38th and 39th Avenues and Fulton and Cabrillo) Norma was there for many years and well liked. I was in jr. high when my folks bought our house across the street on 39th Avenue near Fulton and I wandered over there pretty often and got to know her. She was great with kids of all ages and easy to talk to.

There were a lot of regulars who came to The Loop through the years. The pickup basketball games on Saturdays were popular. As we all grew older and started dating and pairing up, we did a lot of things together. One year square dancing was offered once a week and enough of us thought it would be fun to give it a try. It was crazy fun and we got pretty darn good at it - and got a lot of laughs learning.

There was another Director in the '50s named Roz (Rosalind, I thing) Mom took my two young brothers to her Tiny Tots classes - a form of pre-school. And a few years later, I brought my first little boy to Roz's still thriving Tiny Tots class. By the time the others were old enough, we had moved.

A few years ago Cabrillo Playground was completely renovated. I haven't been by to see it, I'm sorry to say. It's on my to-do list.

I truly believe the establishment of those neighborhood playgrounds throughout the City was a great gift to the families of the kids and young adults of San Francisco.

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