Open History and Eureka Valley

08/29/17 - posted by Tim Dineen - tdineen<at>

Reading Woody's article about Eureka Valley in Open SF History definitely brought back some memories.

Being a Sunset youth, Eueka Valley was as far away as anyplace could be. Yet, in 1974 - newly out of the Navy with a GI Bill and a CalVet and newly out as a gay man - Eureka Valley looked like a promising place to buy an old Victorian and settle down - if settling down was something a 23 year old was capable of doing. I was living at 30th & Sanchez in the only modern building on the block and really wanted the charm and beauty of an old Vic.

Houses were going for a song in those days and I remeber getting really really close to buying a Victorian on Elizabeth St up the hill close to Hoffman or Diamond. I backed out after realizing there was no garage and no off-street parking.

It really was a working class Irish neighborhood, and being an Irish lad son of an SF Fireman, I fit into the neighborhood even if I didn't quite fit into the neighborhood - if ya know what I mean.

I passed on that opportunity and not long after was up at Tahoe and then all over the USofA.

I never did buy a house in San Francisco - and although we've bought two houses since - I still haven't used my CalVet or GI Bill...

Maybe when we return one day to California...


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