Re: Have a West Side Story?

11/05/17 - posted by Patrick F. Cunneen

Cobblestones. I recall when they removed the street car tracks (# 7 street car line) on Lincon Way. There were the left over cobblestones. My dad, some of our neighbors and kids trucked the stones to our backyards for decorative purposes. The men used wheelbarrows and we used our wagons. It wasn’t a long haul as we lived on 1200 block next to the line and GG Park. The stones to this day line and form a bulkhead in our backyard home on 21st Ave. PS- Residing in Santa Rosa now and hiking in Annadel State Park there are numerous old cobblestone sites where they shipped cobblestones. It was a significant industry. Many were shipped to the City for streets. I wonder if our cobblestones came from there.

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