RIP: Y. A. Tittle

10/09/17 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut - impressclx<at>

No comment...not even one..I checked and rechecked...still no, by default, I, who has never understood football (neither how it is played, nor why anyone bothered to watch) am elected by default to begin:

After I moved to where I soon thought of, and still do, as home, I became aware of everyone thinking it was a really big deal there was this football team (whatever that was) that played at Kezar about a mile from our new home. They were the 49ers, and this guy, Y, A. Tittle, was really admired by the boys in my class at school. It was an amazingly more innocent age---Y A, and most players of most sports, were "nice" guys with pure images. The unusual name (and back then, I suffered with an unusual name) caught my attention. He was an early sports star, along with a few others, who didn't make $$$$$$ back in the 1950s. Even the very best had to work for a large chunk of the year at an often mediocre job, since it would be a while before television and some other factors would make sports stars millionaires at 18. Y. A. eventually ended his career with another team, but Y. A., along with a few others will never be forgotten as an original Giant when the Giants began in a little stadium in the Western Neighborhoods, when the Giants belong to Our City.

Thanks, Y. A., for those early, innocent football years not too long after The War...There will never be another you, nor will anyone ever become close.

Goodby, and thanks one more time!

(Are you actually resting...or are you having a great All Star Game "up there?")

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