Sports Trading Cards and kids games

10/19/17 - posted by Paul Judge

The thread that Candis Smyk Hurlbut posted in tribute to Y.A. Tittle has got me remembering how kids once collected sports trading cards. Certainly a Willy Mays, a Mickey Mantle, a Y.A. Tittle, or a Johnny Unitas card were highly valued items. I however never seemed to purchase a pack of five trading cards that included those aces. But I sure chewed on plenty of that stiff, stale flat of gum that came in each pack. And looking now through the old stash I still posses not many star quality sports figures populate my collection. How come I wondered? Then I realized that I usually lost at those 'trading card games' boys played where you wagered some cards to hopefully win better players from the guys on your block, or from school, or at the playground. Outsidelanders, help me here - what were those games we played that gained or lost us our 'treasured, keepers'? I can only recall two types of competition. One, where cards were leaned against a wall and turns taken where we flung a card and any that were knocked down were drafted into that guy's collection. The other game was 'Flips'. Two competitors stood facing each other and flipped cards one at a time to the ground. Depending upon how the cards landed (face up, face down) determined the victor. But, memory fails me now and I need others to help me remembering how these games were played. I sure hope that my pals from the 600 block of 43rd Avenue, Bo Links and Glenn Carter, still have some of the cards they won from me. I have a Elroy Leon "Crazylegs" Hirsch card that I'm willing to wager.

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