Gone with the Hot Air?

12/23/17 - posted by jb

The most recent and rapid family loss of my Brother-in-Law, Joey Chait Lowell ‘64, has turned some of Shortcake’s and my conversations to the “what if’s.” So to make a long and many stories short, she wondered what became of all the messages left here on the B.B., given she would like to read them after I am gone. Personally, I’d rather read them to her while still here so I went searching the site to find this.

1) typing “jb” in the search messages box brings up nothing.

2) typing “jb” in the entire site search brings up only a few selected diatribes from various years.

My question to David, Woody, or any of you who may have searched out your own musings, is can all or any of my diatribes be salvaged and saved? Seems all the B.B. was available to search when Frank am I explored a book of selected postings. I know server space is expensive and maybe many have been trashed.

I feel like Tessio asking Tom Hagen for his life, “for old time sake” and while we know how that ended, it’s not like I’ve ever gone against the family here. Given I write so little any more, my fragile and lead-bare ego humbly asks if any messages can be retrieved and downloaded. I’d come in and do the grunt work and buy pizza for the crew.

Any help in this direction will be greatly appreciated and keep Shortcake happy long after I’m gone.

Thanks, cheers and Merry Christmas,

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