Re: The ice skating rink on 48th

08/25/02 - posted by Hamilton Barrett

Around 1965 our family lived at 1568 48th Avenue, an old wooden house with a wide porch located across the street from the ice rink. One day my eight year old sister and I (at 16) were inside the front room and looking out the window as we discussed the rink.

Lynn had already taken both Irish dancing and piano lessons, but after losing interest in both, mom was offering her ice skating lessons. Dad was also for the idea because he was one of the crew that had constructed the first Leggs rink out on Ocean Avenue before it moved downtown, and the leggs family had gotten to know him well. He also occasionally skated in his mid 60s.

My sister said she was scared about learning to skate on 48th Avenue, and trying to fit in socially, as all the regulars there looked so noisy and confident, and so she asked me if I thought she should refuse mom's offer." alt="" width="350" height="266" hspace="5" vspace="5" align="left">
At the time I was going through a lot of emotional changes myself, which caused me to be socially shy as well; so sending her across the street seemed like a letting go process that would contribute to my own isolation.

Despite that, I encouraged her to go, as I knew it was the healthier response. And so Lynn not only went over there but thrived, becoming one of the regulars herself and even one of the better known "rink rats."

At about 15 she excitedly told mom and dad that an agent from the Ice Capades had seen her there and was offering her a two year contract to tour as a line skater. Mom and dad both agreed to let her do it, despite her youth, and she toured throughout the US and Canada

On one occasion the Ice Capades did a show in Bakersfield and we all attended in our best clothes. As I sat in the audience and watched Lynn skating around, including one particular segment where she was expertly giving the tots a push-ride in a sleigh, I thought back to that day at the window and was really glad that I had resisted the temptation to hang onto her too closely.

Today Lynn works as one of San Francisco's most sought after personal trainers, but any skating she does usually involves
roller blading in Golden Gate park. Re: The ice skating rink on 48th Carmella Comaroto 1033759006 0 Ahhh, what wonderful memories this brings back. My friend Patty and I used to go down there and skate and have a wonderful time. Sometimes we'd even take our sisters with us. But I think mostly it was just to go and have fun and boy watch. And yes, hot chocolate was always a great warm-up. Growing up in San Francisco, (Sunset Dist), was the best time of my life. Cutest guy was Robert Green. Hey Bob, where are you? Thanks for the rides down memory lane folks ~~~

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