Re: The ice skating rink on 48th

10/29/02 - posted by Sean

I remember it really was a big hangout on Friday & Saturday nights as well as during the day on the weekends for the grammar and junior high school kids. The sign out front, which was long like a movie theater sign like the one on the Coronet on Geary, simply read "Skate." Most of the kids and the teens from Holy Name & St. Gabriel in the Sunset used to go there. This was way before pro hockey came to the Bay Area via the Sharks and the Spiders so ice skating still was a relative unknown thing to do. People NOT from California were impressed to find out you knew how to ice skate out here in sunny & foggy CA. Other things I remember: The amazing painted mural of the winter scene on the East wall of the rink, the faux log cabin outside of the indoor area where you could get syrupy Coke from a fountain, the first Space Invaders video game machine (this was circa 1980-81), the church pew benches and the black rubber floor, the cold rusty metal smell inside, the X Mas tree in the corner of the rink that we used to try and push people into, the sign indoor the rink that lit up and told you what was going on the ice "Boys" "Girls" "Couples" "Hokey Pokey" "Reverse" "Grand March" When the rink was torn down in the late 1980s to build condos (yuck!), I happened to be in SF on vacation and looked in the rubble for pieces of that mural that was on the East wall but it was pulverized or buried. The only thing that survived the building's demolition is the aformentioned "Boys" "Girls" "Couples" etc. sign. You can find that sign at a store called Skate Pro on Irving St. around 35th Ave. Take a look at it. It's like looking at your childhood through your older jaded adult eyes.

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