Re: The ice skating rink on 48th

05/25/10 - posted by sonja G.

I was driving down 48th ave just today with my stepbrother trying to figure out the exact location,It was cloudy in memory,new buildings,old buildings all around now.I remember there was a little store on the opposite side of the street before it.I used to live on 18th and kirkham on the corner,my best friend Diana C.lived a couple blocks down,we went to Jefferson Elementary school.And the doggie diner was across the street from the zoo,next to the zoo was a big swimming pool(I forgot the name)The ice-rink did have that 'mural'of skaters and the little mock log cabin snack shack,with hot chocolate and pizza,maybe a pinball machine.I dont know when they tore it down,I must have been between 8-10 we'd walk or bike,or get to the rink any way we could.Also boys were 'hitching a ride on the back of the streetcars where they connect.thoose were the good old days!

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