Re: The ice skating rink on 48th

04/26/11 - posted by Melissa Miller E.

Polly Hendrickson is my (step) mom, and since my dad, Jim Miller, adopted her two boys, Scott and Tim are my (legally, half) brothers...It's a lovely story with a very happy ending:

Back in 1959, my dad’s brother, my Uncle John and his wife, my Aunt Joan, were living in San Francisco, across the street from the widowed Polly Hendrickson and her two young sons, Scott and Tim. My father, Jim Miller, had been recently divorced from my mother after a 10-year marriage which had produced us 4 kids: My brother Jim, myself, my brother Michael, and my sister Leigh.

Not long after Hugh Hendrickson was killed in the tragic accident at 48th Avenue rink, my dad went to San Francisco to visit Uncle John and Aunt Joan. One morning while he was there, Dad looked out the window and noticed the lovely Polly Hendrickson emptying her trash. He was instantly smitten and pestered Aunt Joan to introduce him to Polly. Aunt Joan made the introductions and the short story is: they dated, fell in love, and were married in December of 1960 and moved to Riverside, CA , where they still live. Dad adopted Scott and Tim, and we became a blended family with 6 kids!

Because my mother had remarried a career USAF officer and we'd moved away from Southern California, my 2 brothers & sister and I were lucky enough to spend every summer with Polly (I call her "Mom" now), my Dad, and my two brothers, Scott and Tim. Summers were special (and sometimes chaotic!) times for us all, filled with the month of July at Lake Arrowhead in my Grandparent's lakefront home, numerous trips to the beach, swim meets (four of the six of us swam and/or dove for the team), and events we called “Happenings!”, where spontaneously all eight of us would pile into Mom’s station wagon and head to Baskin/Robbins, or a similar destination, for ice cream. We six kids really had tons of fun together, and my memories of times spent with Scott, Tim, Mom and Dad are some of my best of my life.

Last December, Dad and Mom celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Tim and his wife live 4 doors down from them in Riverside. Scott and his wife live half time in Maui and the other half in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Mom and Dad have 9 grandchildren and have lived a wonderful life together. Dad is 86 now, and health issues have slowed him way down, but he still says the best day of his life was the one when he met Polly. Mom is 80 and doing great. Their life has truly been a genuine "...and they lived Happy Ever After!" story.

As for me, I have been abundantly blessed by my Dad's choice to marry Polly and adopt my two dear brothers, Scott and Tim Miller.

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