Re: the ice skating rink on 48th

02/05/02 - posted by Sunset Gal who also went to Pres

Hi. I grew up a block away from Dean's Deli from the early 70's (we had lived in the Haight for 10 yrs prior) and now my hubby have a house on 43rd avenue because I want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the fin. district and close to the Pacific Ocean. Thinking about moving back to the sunset you say? Still a great neighborhood. However, you will be disappointed in the area where the ice skating rink used to be (went there so many times as a child). That area is so run-down. Lots of derelicts and drug peddlers and punks who loiter near 7-11. Really sad and scary. Just thought you should know if you decided to move back. Have a nice day.

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