Re: the ice skating rink on 48th

04/10/02 - posted by Mandy

I grew up in the City during the l950's and well remember the Ice Skating Rink on 48th Street. I went there often with my elder sister and cousins. We used to pretend we were Sonia Henie (Olympic skater of the l930's) and tried to do all sorts of stuff on ice skates that we shouldn't have! One of my better memories of the place was watching a lovely slim blond all decked out in a red velvet skirt with white snowball trim and long sleeved shirt to match. She skated beautifully making circles on the ice and perfect jumps....she in her clean white ice skates...and me watching enviously in my black rental ice skates.

I also remember how cold I used to get skating and how I always wished I could have more hot chocolate than my money could buy.

It was a popular place for kids to go and I recall some children had their birthday parties there!

In my teen years, my husband and I went there once to skate on a date. He got a job with Leggs Ice Skating Studio on Ocean Avenue and afer that, we always skated!

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